• Danielle Powell

Letter Baby Birth Story

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Welcome to our Letter Baby blog! My name is Danielle, my husband's name is Jabu and we are the co-creators of Letter Baby. Hopefully you are well aware of who we are and what we are about but in case you aren't, I want to let you know how Letter Baby began! As many great ideas come about, the idea of Letter Baby was born in the wee hours of the morning from a random conversation. Jabu and I were sitting in bed talking about what to get our Goddaughter for her upcoming Christening. We knew that we needed to give her something that would show her how much we loved her and her parents. The 4 of us all met and graduated from Bucknell University (Go Bison!) and were all Varsity athletes which brought up the idea to make our Goddaughter a handmade Varsity jacket. We wanted the jacket to represent her, her Mom and her Dad and knew that the patches that we chose would have to be perfect to do that. To gain inspiration for the design of the jacket, Jabu brought out his High School Varsity jacket. If you know him, you would know that there aren't many items that he is sentimental about, but this is one of his few prized possessions.

It has a beautiful Royal Blue Wool body, with soft and supple white leather sleeves (off white now with a few marks and scratches after over 20 years of wear) and is adorned with all of his Football accolades. Jabu excitedly explained how much each of these patches and and embellishments meant to him and why and how he earned them. He then expressed his frustration with how long it took to receive the jacket and having to send it out to have each and every badge added. Imagine being a High School senior and having to wait for weeks on end to get your jacket how you want it. To be blunt, it sucked! He mentioned how he wished that he could have just stuck the patches on himself and looked at me and asked why something like this doesn't exist. I looked back at him and said " that's a really great question...". Knowing that this idea was too great to pass by, we took the next year to research materials, manufacturers, jacket designs and product concepts to create the Letter Baby products that you see today. All of our jackets are created out of a loop Velcro which is incredibly soft to the touch. Our patches are bound to industrial strength hook Velcro which adheres to our jackets and are sure to stay on our products until you choose to remove them. This brand is incredibly personal to us and we hope that you feel our passion and care through all of our products. Thanks so much for reading our blog and stay tuned for the next post!

The Original Letter Baby Jacket! Notice the American Flag patch for Dad and the Canadian Flag patch for Mom!

Dad was #2 on the Bucknell Football Team; we couldn't leave that out!

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